Unprotected Sex

by Sex Objex

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released May 1, 2013




all rights reserved


Sex Objex Detroit, Michigan

"This is a collection of three EPs, each one written and recorded in one day. The output is pretty damn amazing, considering. I can only imagine how good these songs would be if they were given a bit more time to reflect upon them. This is garage/electro punk in the style of Lost Sounds-era Jay Reatard. Approved." -Razorcake ... more

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Track Name: Knife Fights
knife fights fighting knives tonight
dont you know its gonna be alright
knife fights fighting knives tonight

my baby left me when she went away
my blood was splattered in the alleyway

my baby left me when she went away
my leather jacket tore so i threw it away

my baby left me when she went away
my rusty blade i hold on to this day
Track Name: Serious Shadows
serious shadows
they hang around
serious shadows ten feet tall
serious shadows
ive seen em all
serious shadows on your wall

theres a ufo in my heart tonight

serious shadows
they dont know love
serious shadows
they dont cry
serious shadows
dont learn to crawl
serious shadows dont evolve
Track Name: Still Life
still life
still cold
still young
still old
all i know is
i don't really care anymore
this night
this fright
this life
this knife

i know were gonna freeze tonight
black hole inside my mind
I walk the streets alone
invisible it is my home
in the shadows is where I hide
I'm running out of time
sick of living life unseen
we're insects in a dream
Track Name: Artificial Sleep
artificial damage
how can you stand it
go walk the ocean
with fish that are men
unknown patterns
it doesnt matter
when all eyes are dim
the devil sneaks in

artificial sleep

the witchs planet
the cats are manic
black hands are shaking
with other races
twins born in mountains
inside a fountain
eight arms are plastic
future ecstatic
Track Name: Catholic Fumes
i dont want to go to church
they make me pray and it makes my brain hurt
woke up on sunday and i stayed in bed
you wont see me in church til im dead

choking on those catholic fumes
dont you know theyre making me puke

i dont care what they say
stinking religion is just not for me
theres no reason for me to believe
if i go to hell you know ill just leave

brainwashed mass wants to be led
celibate assholes put words in my head
its a smokescreen thats making me gag
even the altar boys are such a drag
Track Name: We Are Holy Ghost
i haunt myself
dont need your help
im a phantom in my own mind
the king of ghosts
haunting your bones
its so much fun to be alone
i could be saved
but theres nothing left
saving left inside of my soul
black candles and animal bones
dusty tomes i leave alone

we are the new phantom
we are holy ghost
the only antidote
we are holy ghost

now we are energy
now we are autonomy
now we are everything
we are
now we are blasphemy
now we are telepathy
now we are anything
we are
Track Name: Army of Children
vacant little minds
sent to destroy
by divine design
converted convoy

it's a love machine
armed with angels teeth
its an army of children

guided by the light
laying eggs at night
changing into flies

it's the second coming
new apocalypse
it's the army of children

the change has come
now they speak in tongues
the hatching has begun
spiders of the sun

it's the hands of god
taking all your love
goddamn army of children
Track Name: Cathedral Fever
cathedral fever
well never find the cure
Track Name: Delete The Program
You think the rules don't apply
but theres some truth you can't deny
you say you never will comply
no not until the day you die

now you're always asking why
you won't get the comfort of reply
nothing on whom you rely
or anyone to say goodbye

life is analog
and you're stuck in a digital fog
deaths the final exam
you've gotta wake up and delete the program
Track Name: Eyes on You
I don't remember your voice no more
your pourin' salt in an open sore
now I'm sittin here home alone
no ones callin' on the telephone
too far underground
to hear any sound

I can't take my eyes off you

in broken mirrors i see your face
a shattered smile i can't embrace
so now I'm left here in this empty hole
still no one callin' on the telephone
too far underground
to hear any sound

i can't take my eyes off you

i feel your touch and it feels so blank
erase my mind erase this place
now I'm in a suspended state
and all my hates become sedate
too far gone to see
fantasy or reality
Track Name: Afraid of Forever
show me horrors ill show you mine
its the skeletal remains of a real good time
we all fell down into a great big black hole
theres no escape there from this there is no control

theres no such thing as time
be glad youre not afraid
theres no such thing as time
ignorance makes you brave
theres no such thing as love
everything said and done
theres no such thing as love
lets just go die in bed

show me your body ill show you mine
no promise that i wont lie
so far down in the ground
ill never come around

im afraid of forever

im so up in the air
im never coming down
what will happen when i die
thats between you and i
Track Name: Pink Clouds
lucid drifting
out of body
psychic sifting through the sea
oceans lifting
waves are parting
pink clouds they all rise around me

the sky it glows with deep black holes or clouds or ghosts
our souls they know success in our experiments the only goal

dreadful thinking
mind is weaving
psychedelic tapestries
secrets whispered
from beyond the
curtains of insanity
crafts are landing
I'm most certain
shapes they shift amorphously
the moons aligning
solar blackout
i can't understand why they chose me

the worlds an island
and were sinking
the sharks will gather and they'll feed
tainted water
no survivors
the bloated corpse of disbelief
who needs answers
when theirs questions
we all believe what we believe
preachers preaching
were alone here
talk about hyposcrisy